LEGIT is a hip-hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. As a fanatic of both hip-hop music and culture, LEGIT was inspired to begin a music career during his freshman year of high school. Since then he has grown to gain national attention. In July of 2011 LEGIT released  Coloring Outside The Lines; his most successful project up until that point.  In December of the same year he released a video for a song from Coloring Outside The Lines titled “A Nigger in Northface”. The video, which depicted the trials and tribulations of an interracial couple, went viral almost as soon as it was debuted, landing posts on most major online hip-hop outlets (HipHop DX, Illroots, Worldstar HipHop etc.) and garnering hundreds of thousands of views. This earned LEGIT a firm position in Chicago’s budding hip-hop scene and market. In September of 2012, LEGIT released a compilation mixtape titled “Feliz Sabado”. This was a collection of songs that he released weekly over the summer, most notably featuring  collaborations with fellow Chicago talents Tink and Chance The Rapper. In 2012 LEGIT also began performing with his live band Silent Party Music. In early 2014, LEGIT released "Thief in the Night", which was an EP hosted by DJ Oreo. Since then LEGIT has been pretty quiet, working on his next full length project "SURPRISE". To serve as a teaser for this project, in late 2017 LEGIT liberated another EP, this one titled "Maudlin". Comprised of a blend of RnB, Soul, and Pop both production wise and vocally, Maudlin marked a shift in sound for LEGIT.